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Just wanted to share some accomplishments of a few of our Royals:

We took a fairly small group of 22 kids to Weber High yesterday to compete in the annual Utah Power Lifting Championship. Back in 2015 we placed 4th (just out of medaling). Last year we took 3rd and yesterday we took another step forward placing 2nd behind perennial powerhouse Bingham. There were 9 schools present with roughly 220 lifters in attendance.

The competition works similar to wrestling meets in that the competitors are separated into weight classes (132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, 242 and Heavy Weight). Each competitor is allowed 3 attempts to record their highest possible Bench Press, Back Squat and Power Clean with a judge approving or scratching each attempt. Then, the sum of each competitor’s top lift in each event is tallied and compared to others in their weight class. Last night’s meet lasted from 4pm-10pm. The boys & girls were exhausted after 6 hours of heavy lifting in a muggy room of chaos.

The top 5 lifters in each weight class earn points for their team. 1st place receives 10 points, 2nd = 7, 3rd = 5, 4th = 3 and 5th = 1. We had 3 wrestlers, 2 football players and 2 football/track athletes reach the podium. Those individuals earned Roy High 36 team points which placed us 2nd overall. Here’s a breakdown of the 7 Royals who reached the podium:

132# medalists:

1st place – Kyler Coffin, 545 pounds lifted (9th grader from Roy Jr.)

3rd place – James Longmore, 495 pounds lifted (10th grade)

4th place – Jaeger Fulton, 425 pounds lifted (9th grader from Roy Jr.)

165# medalist:

5th place – Adrian Arellano, 755 pounds lifted (10th grade)

198# medalist:

2nd place – Trace Tupe, 945 pounds lifted (11th grade)

242# medalists:

2nd place – Wynton Lamar, 990 pounds lifted (12th grade, consecutive years as a finalist)

4th place – Drake Hamblin, 905 pounds lifted (10th grade)

Notable Royals who finished top 10 but off the podium by just a few pounds:


8th place – Chase Storey, 895 pounds lifted (12th grade)


6th place – Dalton Slone, 860 pounds lifted (10th grade)

7th place – Ryan Steele, 820 pounds lifted (11th grade)


10th place – Jace Kirkland, 795 pounds lifted (11th grade)


6th place – Joe Joe Tufele, 1045 pounds lifted (12th grade)

7th place – Richard Campos, 1005 pounds lifted (12th grade)

Gives these Iron Lions a pat on the back and congratulate them if you get a chance. Also, a big thank you to Mike Puzey and Coach Fernandes for turning our weight room into a place where our students have access to top-notch equipment and facilities.

Go Royals Go!