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Royals News · Newgate Mall School Rewards Program

Roy HIgh earned $12,000 from Newgate Mall last year!  This is another opportunity for additional funds.  Thanks for your support of Roy High!

The School Rewards program will officially begin on October 11th.  Details regarding the location of the photo booth will be posted on Facebook.  We are also going to be School Rewards 2017conducting some contests in which individuals can earn gift cards and/or prizes as part of the official kick-off!

This is a new program and for the opportunity for our school to earn $2,000 per month.

To get points, please do three things:
   1- Go to Facebook and “like” Newgate Mall
   2- Take a photo at the School Rewards Photo Booth
   3- Post the photo to Facebook, tag Newgate Mall and mention your school and #NewgateMallSchoolwards in the caption

Please follow Newgate Mall to get more information!